April 10, 2009

Warmongering adds to economic woes

I appreciate that The Baltimore Sun has again placed the quagmire in Afghanistan on the front page, where it belongs ("Afghan bombings expected to worsen," April 5).

As someone who has been protesting the invasion of that desperately poor country since 2001, I believe the war should always be on the front page, as misbegotten military adventures mean death and destruction for all sides.

And to be frank, it is utter madness, especially as we face economic devastation, to expend billions of tax dollars funding wars and the occupation of the Palestinian people.

On his European trip, the president went begging for more troops to send into the Afghanistan quagmire, but reluctant allies disappointed him.

We the people can help solve the economic crisis. But not as long as the Obama administration continues the warmongering from the Bush-Cheney era.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

It isn't asteroids that imperil Earth

Douglas Mackinnon's column "Averting asteroid Armageddon" ("Commentary, April 7) questions whether this nation should be investing more money to develop the science to detect and divert an asteroid that may or may not be on its way to destroy us.

In my opinion, the next cataclysmic event that planet Earth will face will not be in the form of a fireball from outer space or the eruption of a super-volcano.

The threat is already upon us, from a virulent species without predators that multiplies incessantly, soils the vast oceans of the planet with its wastes and pollutes the ground and even the air it breathes with toxic chemicals and manufactured garbage, strips the land of its resources and is, at this very moment, driving long-surviving species into extinction by the thousands.

We are already face-to-face with the next Armageddon, and it is us.

Doug Ebbert, Bel Air

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