April 09, 2009

A quid pro quo on card check bill?

I read with interest the columns regarding the card check bill, and I was happy to note that two of the three writers opposed the legislation ("The employee free choice act," Commentary, April 6).

Another interesting fact is that our Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, who is one the sponsors of this legislation, along with 18 other senators and representatives, received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions last year from a long list of unions.

This gives a new meaning to the use of the term "quid pro quo" to characterize our current electoral system as a system in which donations buy access and influence in return for the re-election of legislators in Congress.

This system is unholy and broken, and the losers are the constituents of those legislators who are "for sale" to lobbies and influence groups.

The need for election reform, including term limits, is long overdue in our country.

Sam Davis, Towson

License isn't reason poor people migrate

I am surprised by the naivete of some of those who have responded to The Baltimore Sun's recent editorial regarding two-tiered driver's licenses ("No special license for illegal aliens," letters, April 3).

Those who seek to stem illegal immigration by revoking access to driver's licenses have a significant misunderstanding of why people come to the United States. The poverty and lack of education in some developing countries motivate many people to risk their lives to make the dangerous journey to this country.

Lack of access to a driver's license is no deterrent when the alternative is an unending cycle of poverty.

Each and every Marylander suffers when adults who need to drive are not given access to driver's licenses and insurance (within the confines of state driving regulations, of course).

Liza Zamd, Baltimore

The writer is a staff attorney for CASA of Maryland.

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