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April 08, 2009

Readers of The Baltimore Sun's opinion blog have some strong opinions of their own. Here's a sample:

On fighting Third World terrorism:

Terrorism gives a job and a purpose for the thousands of unemployed across the globe. On the streets of India or Pakistan, in the villages of Afghanistan it is not too hard to persuade a hungry young man or a woman for that matter that killing Americans, or Indians or Jews is a worthy cause for which the rewards will be reaped in the hereafter. ... The world has too many people, too many of them are bored, others are hungry and mischief will always be afoot - the civilized world must war, must talk, must brandish weapons and also brandish the white flag - those are the only ways to survive. A nuclear weapon in a Taliban suitcase is not an impossible scenario. Solzhenitsyn is out - Roberto Bolano is in.

Posted by: usha nellore - April 7

On President Obama's Muslim roots:

The people who believe this argue that Barack Obama is "secretly" a Muslim - they claim to know of evidence, although it is never identified - waiting until the time is "right" to damage the United States. Really, a conversation with one of these people is like the outline of a Le Carr? novel.

Posted by: Eve - April 2

On legislation authorizing use of radar speed cameras in Maryland:

The speed cameras are yet another step on the inevitable road to a completely blood sucking, vampiric state. Instead of even contemplating budget cuts and tightening their belts like all American families must do, it's "hey, how can we suck the citizens dry even more?" time. And it's not just a matter of money, it's also a privacy issue. The state is growing larger and larger and more intrusive all the time. It won't be long before it'll become "necessary" for the state to perform a DNA profile and implant our children with ID microchips at birth for their "safety." Think it's paranoia talk? Take a look at what's going on in our country - wake up!

Posted by Bill - March 31

On how illegal immigrants should pay :

I am absolutely pro-immigrant. Our country was built on the sweat of immigrants. But, immigrants need to contribute to the country where they earn their paycheck. Every illegal immigrant needs to be stopped at the point of entry, given a guest worker visa, charged for local, state, and federal taxes and Social Security. .... It's time to quit beefing about the hidden costs of illegal immigrants and become pro-active about making them become contributors to our country.

Posted by Sue Keller - March 29

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