April 07, 2009

Legislators right to stop stag film

Bravo to the legislature for acting quickly and doing what was needed to stop a pornographic movie from being shown at the student union at University of Maryland, College Park ("Senate threat helps kill UM plan to show porn," April 3).

The reputation of this fine institution would have been dirtied along with the dirty movie some were trying to show.

Thank you to the Maryland legislature for boldly addressing this issue. Now if they could act as swiftly and effectively to fix the situation with Baltimore Gas and Electric and our insane utility bills.

Bonnie Anderson, Westminster

Posturing on porn is sheer hypocrisy

I had to laugh as I read about the state Senate threatening to withdraw funding for the University of Maryland if it did not halt plans to show an adult film at the student union ("Students to screen porn film," April 4).

How many of these holier-than-thou politicians have accepted campaign contributions from telecommunications and cable companies that derive a huge percentage of their annual revenues from pay-per-view porn?

Will our conservative Republican family values heroes be returning these contributions? Don't hold your breath.

D.R. Longway, Towson

Why attack Israel for defending itself?

It has been some years since the infamous 9/11 attacks and our government remains committed to deploying troops to Afghanistan and other far-off countries to ensure the safety of our citizens.

At the same time, the world condemns Israel when it does what is necessary to protect its citizens from enemies on its own soil or right next door, enemies who present a daily threat.

I just don't get it.

Leah Lando, Baltimore

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