Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection



$29.99 for Xbox 360, also for PlayStation 3. Rated 10-plus **** (4 STARS)

"Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" is similar to the "Sega Genesis Collection" from a few years back, but it includes many more games and replaces a couple of the older set's duds with, well, new duds. But this collection of nearly 50 games from Sega's glory days is mostly good stuff.

It offers all the classic Streets of Rage brawlers, the original Sega Master System's Phantasy Star, as an unlockable bonus to go along with the three Genesis entries, and many more. Some of the titles, like the arcade versions of Space Harrier, Shinobi and Fantasy Zone, have to be earned by completing tasks in other games first.


$29.99 for Nintendo Wii. Rated Everyone ***

It's more than eight years old, but Pikmin holds up pretty well, as this reissue proves. Updated to take advantage of the Wii's unique controller and given a new widescreen view mode, Pikmin remains otherwise unchanged from the GameCube original. The game plays as if it was always meant for the Wii, with the Wii remote used to point to where the Pikmin need to be, and the buttons used to send them there.

As the tiny, crash-landed alien Captain Olimar, players command an army of a strange planet's tiny life forms, called Pikmin. They grow in the ground and blossom like plants, but they can walk and fight, and willingly follow orders.

Olimar needs the Pikmin to help him find the lost pieces of his ship, and fast - his life support will give out in 30 of the game's days. Each day is on a timer, too, so players must act quickly to find enough parts to help him blast off in time.

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