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April 05, 2009|By Sandra McKee | Sandra McKee,sandra.mckee@baltsun.com

Wilde Lake coach Sherri Malloy is momentarily silent when she is asked about what it is the Wildecats' lacrosse midfielder Beth Glaros does well.

"It's a tough question because there are loads of things," Malloy said after the pause. "She's a versatile player at both ends of the field. It's why we're able to play her anywhere in the midfield, from a D-wing to an attack wing to a center. I always know when Beth is on the field I'm going to get 100 percent from her regardless of which position I put her in.

"So her skills, one of her really big strengths is the draw. I know she will find a way to come up with that draw control. To be specific, another big strength is shot placement. She will thread a needle. It's everything about her stick work - it's the draw, shot making, passing. Her stick work, she's comfortable left and right. You're not going to see her struggle with a nondominant hand."

Glaros, a three-year starter, is Wilde Lake's go-to player. She has scored 13 of the team's 25 goals this season and assisted on four others. As a sophomore, she had 48 goals, and 46 the year before.

While she can be spectacular playing the game and is well-known to college scouts, the 5-foot-9 Glaros is sometimes under the radar locally because she plays for a developing program. Wilde Lake is 1-3 this season, and won just three games last year.

"We're a work in progress," said Malloy, who stepped into the head coaching job this season. "We get ninth-graders who have never played and some club league players, like Beth. Lacrosse here is a long-term project."

Besides playing lacrosse, Glaros, 16, plays for the Wilde Cats' soccer and indoor track teams. She carries a 3.75 grade point average, and is a member of the Class Council and the National Honor Society. In February, she verbally committed to play lacrosse at Maryland.

How long have you been playing lacrosse?

I've been playing since I was 9. My parents made me. I didn't really want to. I played soccer, softball and basketball. But I think my parents had wanted my brothers to play, and they didn't. So I did. It was a new experience. I didn't know a lot about it. I was really terrible when I started, but I got better as I learned more about it - throwing and catching, positioning. There were a lot of rules that came with it. As I learned more about it, I started to like it more.

You've been heavily recruited. You play for a successful club team, the M&D [Maryland and District of Columbia] Lacrosse Club. But you also play for Wilde Lake, which has a developing program. Is that at all frustrating for you?

We won our first game [Tuesday, 11-10 over Long Reach and Glaros had seven of her team's goals]. We're not one of the best teams in the county. But it's challenging. This is my third season, and we've kind of had to get used to losing. But I try to encourage my teammates to keep their heads up. I try to get kids to come out for the team. I tell them we have a lot of fun. We hit some rough patches, but we get through it and we do have fun.

Is it difficult to be the best player on a struggling team?

It is sometimes. I don't want to be a ball hog, but sometimes you have to go in and take control. I don't want to be seen as a selfish player. I try to find a good balance of passing and taking it to the goal when I can.

Are you uncomfortable when college scouts show up at your high school games?

Not many come to high school games. I'm glad they don't. I feel much more free to play in the summer tournaments. The game is easier because there are more experienced players. But I'm not saying anything mean about my [Wilde Lake] team. This is a good learning experience. You can't be on a winning team your whole life. And I have a lot of friends that I play with here, who are also on the soccer and indoor track teams.

You have already committed to Maryland. Why didn't you want to wait and see what other schools would offer?

I've watched Maryland's games a lot over the years. Its fast-paced game suits me. My brothers and parents went there. I just felt Maryland was a good fit for me, and I wanted to get it over with. The whole college process was stressful, with all the visiting. I visited 10 schools, including North Carolina, Duke, Notre Dame, Penn State and Florida. It's nice to know where you're going to go.

With college settled, what are your goals for this season?

Team-wise, we're hoping to win four or five games. That would be nice. Individually, I just want to keep doing what I've been doing.

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