South County schools plan OK'd

Board postpones vote on redistricting for Pasadena

April 05, 2009|By Nicole Fuller | Nicole Fuller,

The Anne Arundel County school board unanimously approved a redistricting plan for South County, but delayed voting on a redistricting plan for the Mountain Road corridor in order to explore options for allowing some Pasadena middle school students to stay at the school they now attend.

Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell has proposed sending about 150 students who now attend Chesapeake Bay Middle School to George Fox Middle School, but board members are looking at ways to allow some students to remain at Chesapeake Bay.

In conjunction with its meeting April 15, the Board of Education will hold a public hearing on the redistricting proposal for the Mountain Road corridor.

The board will consider options for students who live within the Riviera Beach Elementary attendance boundaries and who are now sixth- or seventh-graders at Chesapeake Bay Middle School. The alternatives include:

* Grandfathering current sixth- and seventh-graders, that is, allowing those students to remain at Chesapeake Bay Middle.

* Allowing students to remain at Chesapeake Bay Middle School for their seventh- and eighth-grade years, and grandfathering with transportation provided from the Riviera Beach community.

* Grandfathering with transportation provided from a regional site.

* Grandfathering with no public transportation.

A public briefing on the options will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the media center at Riviera Beach Elementary School, 8515 Jenkins Road, Pasadena.

The redistricting proposal is the last for the 2009-2010 school year. Another recommendation to reassign students who live along Marley Neck Boulevard was rejected by a 7-2 vote at last week's meeting.

The South County redistricting plan will move about 74 students from the Boone's Estates area who now attend Lothian Elementary School to Tracey's Elementary in Tracy's Landing next school year.

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