'We just have to stay positive'

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Senior hopes to add championship to her schedule as high school winds down

April 05, 2009|By Glenn Graham | Glenn Graham,glenn.graham@baltsun.com

Spalding senior Stefanie Paskal has plenty to do in a short period of time as her high school days come to an end. The prom and graduation are givens, and winning an Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland A Conference championship would be a nice bonus. Paskal, a four-year starter, has moved to midfield after playing her first three years on attack, helping the No. 7 Cavaliers get off to a 7-0 start. She's made a smooth adjustment, scoring 20 goals and adding nine assists while enjoying the other responsibilities that come with playing in the middle of the field.

Paskal, who has a weighted 3.85 grade point average, is set to play lacrosse at the University of Denver next year.

She's also played four years of varsity field hockey and loves music. She sings, plays the piano and writes her music.

How has the switch been to midfield from attack?

Midfield is a big job - it's the first year I've played it in lacrosse. It's just basically getting the ball from the defense to the attack and you're part of both, so it's really fun. I like it a lot. It's like you're always in the middle of things.

What goals has the team set for the season?

With the talent we have, I feel like everyone has their role and if everyone does their best, I think we can go all the way this year. We just have to stay positive and work together, which is something I think we do a great job of.

What's it like being part of such a talented team?

It's awesome. It just makes you better being surrounded by all the girls. The senior class is incredible.

Every single girl can play Division I, and every day, we improve and make each other better. We have a lot of chemistry; everybody knows where the other is going to be and it makes things easier.

How did you decide on Denver?

I wanted to play Division I lacrosse and that was the last school I looked at. I went to a lacrosse camp there, and I just fell in love with it. I want to major in communication, and it's right next to a city, which was perfect because I didn't want to be in a city, but it's still close. It's just everything I wanted - perfect size, the coach is great and I love the team.

When did you first get started in music?

I've been singing all my life, and my mom forced me to the play the piano when I was in kindergarten, and I never quit. She used to sing and play the piano, and it's been part of me forever. It helps me a lot.

It's nice to be able to come home and be able to do that. When stuff is going on, it helps me cope with it.

When do you take the time to write music?

That just comes whenever it comes. When I try to write music it doesn't come. But when I don't try - that's the time when it comes.

How do you feel about going to college so far away from home?

I always thought it would be easy, but now that it's approaching it's getting harder and harder. I'm not ready to leave right now, but I think I will be. It'll be fine and I have a great family.

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