Hailey Cohen

glimpsed at towson university

April 05, 2009|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to The Baltimore Sun

Towson University junior Hailey Cohen may have found a good fit majoring in advertising and public relations. She obviously knows how to promote her "preppy, sophisticated and a little bit of funky" style. When we "glimpsed" the 21-year-old Easton resident in TU's Student Union, she was demonstrating how she frames one or two eye-catching pieces with some of her wardrobe staples.

The look: : White cotton deep V-neck T-shirt. Gray and white seersucker vest. Skinny jeans. Yellow slip-on Roxie sneakers. Quilted yellow and blue Vera Bradley tote. Gold-tone peace-sign earrings.

Where it came from: : The T-shirt was purchased at Garage, and the vest came from American Eagle. She found the jeans at Express, the tote at a small store in St. Michael's and the earrings at Baker's. Her sneaks came from store.delias.com.

Her fashion philosophy: : "I really like preppy things with a twist. Like this vest. It was really preppy, but you could make it funky. I like dresses a lot. I wear a lot of dresses. Little funky spring dresses. I usually like to wear them with a gladiator sandal. A little bohemian. ... As soon as it gets nice out, I'm almost always in a dress."

How she shops: : "I don't shop too often, and when I do, I get one thing. I don't do big sprees. ... ... I shop all over the place. I like American Eagle a lot. I like Levi's a lot. Delia's. Forever 21. I like Express a lot. ... Usually, I go to the mall with friends, and if something catches my eye, I'll go with that."

She constructs her outfits: : "I usually start with something I know I want to wear. Like [today], I knew I wanted to wear the yellow sneakers, so I built my outfit around that. I usually build up my outfits, too. I usually have a T-shirt under everything, with layers on top of it to make it more interesting."

Current funky faves:: "I have a really bright neon-colored sweater that's leopard print. I have black patent leather ankle booties; they're really high-heeled and pointy-toe."

Picky, picky, picky: : "I'm a very picky shopper. It takes me, like, six years to find a pair of jeans to buy. Sometimes, I'll sleep on it overnight. ... I'm also really picky with accessories. I'll really just wear one big thing. Like just earrings and not anything else. Or bangles. I'll wear one flashy thing and tone everything else down.

Her fashion "do's": : "Just keep in consideration your body type. If something is in style, it may not be the style for you. I see a lot of people wearing skinny jeans. Just because you see it in a magazine, doesn't mean it looks best on you. You might be better in a boot cut or straight-leg jeans."

Her fashion "don'ts": : "Everyone is always wearing sweats to class. If it's an 8:30 a.m. class, that's one thing, but if it's 3:30 p.m., you had time to get dressed. If you had time to put pajama pants on, you had time to put a pair of jeans on. That's one of my pet peeves."

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