April 03, 2009

No special license for illegal aliens

How can The Baltimore Sun seriously suggest there should be a "second-tier" driver's license for people who cannot prove they are in this country legally ("License to survive," March 31)?

Illegal immigrants are too often the scapegoats for our social and financial ills. However, I can't help but raise an eyebrow at the notion that illegal immigrants have some sort of right to government services or to operate a vehicle.

It is an affront to the people who enter this country legally and follow the rule of the law that people who come in illegally receive the number of free government services they already enjoy, and adding the right to drive to that list would only exacerbate the problem.

John Kantorski, White Marsh

The Baltimore Sun's argument for a two-tier system for driver's licenses is so wrong.

People who enter this country illegally don't warrant a free hand once they are here. If we made it harder for them to live here illegally, word would get back to their home countries and fewer people would try to come here illegally.

We are creating a haven for people who don't care about the laws of our country.

How is that helping our state?

How does it make one person in this state safer when the state itself encourages people to ignore the laws of our country?

James Christhilf, Glen Burnie

Stop spending on new stadiums

Now the state apparently wants us taxpayers to build another stadium, this time for soccer ("Md. panel advances stadium study bill," March 31). Why can't D.C. United just use one of the stadiums we've already built?

We have built football stadiums for the Ravens and Terps. Why do we need another taxpayer-funded one for soccer, a game most people don't care about?

Enough is enough; stop spending my tax money on more stadiums.

Joe Heldmann, Catonsville

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