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Q&a Aimee Chotikul, Lutheran, Lacrosse

April 02, 2009|By Katherine Dunn | Katherine Dunn,

A three-season goalie, Aimee Chotikul helped the Saints' boys soccer team win the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association C Conference title last fall. She is also the goalie for the girls indoor soccer and lacrosse teams. Chotikul, 17, has a 3.4 grade-point average and will play lacrosse at Rutgers next year. Involved in many clubs, including the culinary club, the choir and the National Honor Society, she also plays bass guitar and is in the chorus of the spring musical, Crazy for You.

What was the first sport you played?

My first sport was soccer. When my brother started playing soccer, I was probably in preschool or kindergarten. I watched him play, and I wanted to play so bad. I started throwing a fit on the sidelines and crying and begging my mom to let me play, but I had to wait until I was old enough.

When did you pick up lacrosse?

I started in fifth grade. It was a new sport and I think my mom wanted me to try it, and then I started playing for Parkville (Rec).

Were you always a goalie?

No, at first I had to play defense for soccer and we didn't have a goalie so everyone took turns ... and I just stuck with it.

What did you like about the position?

I felt that it was kind of special and different than everyone else's [position], and I got to have a bigger impact on the team.

Describe your style as a goalie.

It's very intense and vocal. I come out a lot. When I see a ground ball, I'll come out for it. I'll come out with my clears. Sometimes, I'll come out and I'll make interceptions or help for a slide if I really need to. I'm usually there for my team when they need me because I know they're always there for me.

Which is your favorite sport?

That's really hard. I love them both equally.

With just a boys soccer team at Lutheran, did you go out for it right away?

When I was in eighth grade, there was a meeting after school and I went to it. They just kind of looked at us - it was me and two of my friends - and the first time we went in there, they told us cheerleading was down the hall. We were kind of upset about that, but then that summer, I talked to my friends [who] were on the soccer team and they told me our tryouts are these days, so we all went to tryouts.

Were you accepted when you first went out?

The first year was a little hard for me. I had played in middle school before with boys, but it was a lot different, like on a whole new level. All my friends knew me and accepted who I was. They knew that I was hardworking and I wanted to be on the team.

Did you ever get any backlash from opposing teams?

Probably the most awkward thing is the first time stepping off the bus to a team and everyone just stares at you, but they respect me when I play, because they always say, "Good game," and they don't ever say anything bad.

What's your career goal?

I want to do something in the field of culinary. I love cooking and baking. All I watch is the Food Network.

Do you have a favorite chef?

Jamie Oliver. He's really cute [laughs], but I like Jamie at Home, where he does a more organic, laid-back kind of style. He cooks stuff right from his house and gets stuff straight from his garden.

How did you get interested in that?

One of my friends, her mom used to always watch the Food Network, and I started watching it and I was like, "I really like this," so I started trying to make things they made on TV. I love baking. I love doing cakes. In my culinary club [at Lutheran], one of my teachers asked if I wanted to do a competition, so me and my friend did that.

What did you make?

It was a cake and the theme was Maryland, and so we did a Maryland flag cake. We came in third.

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