Joblessness On Twitter

April 02, 2009

glennmcnatt: writing about the new unemployment stats. anyone have a friend or relative who's lost a job or fears losing one?

mrscarpediem: Dad called me wanting the "scoop" on situ w/ spouse not working, etc & is now upset I didn't open up on call. At work. At my desk.

mrscarpedium: Very sad - passing little bridge today there was a new tent set up underneath. $2-5M homes all around it.

Wiznutz: it's NEVER too early to fire someone.

chrisrk: Sick of this recession, lost job at Nissan in Jan just got another for half of the salary i was on and everything is still going up in price.

foolishprince: Goddamn 21st century. Every job with decent pay demands proficiency in a smorgasbord of software programs. When should I have learned these?

zioneyemedia: dude I hear you ... it's crazy painful, but glad I have a job, you know?

marclehman: is looking forward to more time for yoga and music, being laid off for a month frees up a lot of time for things that really matter.

joshkuo: Great to be a contractor, at lease i know i wont be laid off until proj is done.

m_esser: Happiness is kidding with your ex about his dumb luck of being laid off on April 1st. Good news is he escaped doom this year ...

trixie360: Laid off, but love good food? Check out my friend Staci's new blog "The Downsized Gourmet"!

MJPatzwaldt: just learned three more amazing people i worked with and learned from at IBM were laid off this week ... when will this madness stop.

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