April 01, 2009

At least football now flourishes

Although I'm not much of a sports fan, I glanced at the stories about the anniversary of the Colts' departure and was struck by a line in Ken Murray's article "After the pain, closure" (March 29): "I was beat writer on the Colts for The Evening Sun then," he writes.

That one sentence encapsulates just how long ago it all was. And I notice that 25 years later, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Cleveland all have flourishing football teams but Baltimore no longer has an evening newspaper.

No offense intended, but it barely has a functioning morning paper.

Some changes are not all for the best.

Mary Bladey, Linthicum

Losing the Coltscosts us a history

I read with interest the articles about the loss of the Colts franchise ("Good riddance," March 29).

Many people cannot get over this loss, but others say it is time to get over the matter. I agree with the latter group, but one thing I will never agree to is the loss of the Colts name and the wonderful history that went with it.

James M. Panopoulos, Parkville

Cyclists required to ride the roads

In response to the letter "Biking next to cars just plain foolhardy" (March 24), I would note that having received a ticket from the Baltimore police one night for riding a bicycle on a wide sidewalk with no pedestrians in sight, I think cyclists have no choice.

We are forced to "share" roughly paved roads with aggressive drivers.

Riding bicycles on the street is not "environmentalism run amok."

It is following the law of a city that only recently decided to accommodate bicyclers in a select few neighborhoods with on-street parking.

Keith Gibbons, Baltimore

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