March 31, 2009

Tendency to text makes roads deadly

Dan Rodricks usually nails the important topics in his columns. Sadly, Sunday's column "Confessions of a texting-while-driving addict" (Commentary, March 29) was not just unworthy of him but may encourage negligent behavior with far-reaching consequences.

I, for one, am happy not to know Mr. Rodricks personally and have to worry about being in his car while he's texting-while-driving. I am also happy not to be his insurance agent.

But as a driver who shares the roads with Mr. Rodricks, I do worry that he, or those like him, will cause me and my loved ones to have a major car accident because of their self-centered need to text rather than attend to their driving.

Sue Keller, Finksburg

Not fully formed but fully human

The writer of "Science can't clarify status of embryo" (letters, March 26) wants to see "the 'scientific facts' ... [that] demonstrate that the embryo is a human being." Simple common sense points to the fact that the embryo is a human being. If an embryo is conceived by two human parents, doesn't that, in and of itself, define the embryo as a human being? It certainly isn't a canine.

The cause of the "deliberate confusion" the writer cites is that the liberal left makes the term "human being" synonymous with "fully developed."

An embryo may not be fully developed but it is fully human.

Laura Campbell, Fallston

For more moderate meat mastication

After reading Larry Williams' editorial notebook about red meat consumption ("Kicking red meat," March 28), I urge him to look up the word moderation in the dictionary.

Jason Lee, Baltimore

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