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March 31, 2009

On creating a special license for illegal immigrants:

Proponents of a two-tiered system can provide no data of non-licensed drivers causing problems in states that are already REAL ID compliant. Two-tiered proposals grandfather the already 350,000 people with illegal licenses. Other states will not accept Maryland licenses ... and so when someone moves out of state they'll be like a 16-year-old scrambling for their birth certificate, Social Security card, and another form of ID ... and then they'll have to take the driver's license test again. The federal government will not accept a two-tiered system, despite what proponents argue is hypothetically possible. This means Marylanders won't be able to get into airports, federal buildings or anywhere else with federal security - given our proximity to D.C., that is a real big problem.

Posted by: Jake - March 29

On boning up on economics :

Financial literacy along with other topics (home economics) should be taught in all schools. Students, including myself, are able to graduate without knowing any meaningful life skills - sewing, cooking, cleaning, financial literacy, etc. A diploma itself isn't very meaningful when you haven't obtained any survival skills.

Posted by NotableM - March 28

On the incarceration and suicide of mentally ill inmate Kevin Johns:

Kevin Johns is a perfect example of how there are some people whose lives have no value. Johns was not ill, he was evil. He snuffed out three lives without a second thought, and it was pretty clear that he'd be a danger to society as long as he was alive. Only out of touch with reality, ivory tower fools would feel anything but relief at Johns' death.

Posted by: Pascal Patin - March 26

Many, many people dropped the ball in the case of Kevin Johns, and four people are dead as a result. Handling cases such as Mr. Johns' is not rocket science; there are going to be people like him in our society, and we need to be able to deal with them ethically and safely. There should be an investigation of the case of Kevin Johns going all the way back to his birth. Whoever dropped the ball should be reprimanded, if not fired.

Posted by: Nev D - March 26

On issues for President Barack Obama :

Veterans. I am a 23-year, highly decorated Navy veteran, however, I am having difficulty finding a job commensurate with my background and two college degrees. I am working, thankfully, however, at a low-pay position. What is the VA going to do to help alleviate my issues? The VA doesn't seem to care about me or my 23 years of service. I have attempted to use the VA services and have not been able to get any of the services. Am I a throwaway? Because I didn't serve in the Iraq war? I have applied for many, many, many federal and GS positions. However, it seems as if these places only want 20- to 24-year-olds with no background of service. My 23 years of service to our country counts for nothing? There are problems with Veterans Affairs as well as the federal government hiring practices.

Posted by Jane Adams - March 27

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