It's Happening

5 Things To Do Today

March 30, 2009


Name game:

If Marissa Coleman has another game like Saturday's against Louisville (7 p.m., ESPN), we could be seeing whole youth teams of Marissas in 10 years.


March preview:

Some of the players in the Powerade Jam Fest (8 p.m., ESPN2) could well be starring in the NCAA tournament this time next year.


Bridge and tunnel:

Rangers vs. Devils (7 p.m., Versus), it's sort of like Real Housewives of New York (left) vs. Real Housewives of New Jersey, only with skates instead of Jimmy Choos.


Could it count?:

Find a blank bracket, fill it in with the Final Four, then crumple it and step on it. Present it to your friends. "See, I just lost the good one."


Ask Shaq:

Give the Real Shaq (see The Flip Side) a tweet on Twitter. He just might answer.

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