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March 29, 2009|By Chicago Tribune

Insight Guides Las Vegas Step by Step

Discovery Channel/APA Publications, $14.95

Only in Las Vegas ... can you get married at a moment's notice; learn the intricacies and little-known secrets of gambling by taking a class; see the world in a day (from Paris to the canals of Venice to ancient Rome to New York and on to the pyramids of Egypt). And that's just the beginning. This small and practical guide includes examples of walks and tours in and around town (from Las Vegas for kids to gay Las Vegas to romantic Las Vegas to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam). It describes in detail the best choices for accommodations and restaurants both on and off the Strip for all budget levels. What's more, it features advice on everything from where to find the best Elvis impersonators to where to see the "Super Bowl" of rodeo, as well as tips on how to interpret the elusive body language of poker.

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