ashley woolsey

glimpsed at white marsh mall

March 29, 2009|By Sloane Brown | Sloane Brown,Special to The Baltimore Sun

Would you believe this fashionista calls herself "a country bumpkin [originally] from Louisiana." We had quite the opposite reaction when we "glimpsed" Ashley Woolsey celebrating her 21st birthday by taking a quick shopping trip to White Marsh Mall. That, in itself, was quite a treat, because the Rosedale stay-at-home mom finds herself on a rather tight schedule, with a 7-month-old son. "Everything I do, he's the main focus. ... He's my No. 1."

Woolsey doesn't believe in following trends. "I feel like being versatile gives me a range of options. I'm not in skinny jeans and a T-shirt all the time. I like to try new things. I can pretty much piece anything together. Whatever I put on will just complement my mood."

Self-described style:: "Comfort and working with what I have."

The look: : Turquoise cotton and satin reversible Dereon hoodie. Black cotton Henley top. Straight-leg Smith jeans. Black suede flat boots with buckle embellishments. White tote handbag. Black knit newsboy cap. Silver hoop earrings, one with a cross in it. Black canvas belt with grommets.

Where it came from: : She found the hoodie at Last Stop. Her shirt and jeans, Kohl's. Boots, The Shoe Department, Cap, Wet Seal. She's had the handbag and belt "forever." She added the cross pendant to her hoop earrings.

Her eye's on the bottom line:: "I only shop maybe once a month or two. ... I'll go out with a particular [amount of money] in mind and what I don't want to go over."

She gets a kick out of boots: : "I will wear shorts and skirts, and put on cowboy boots. I'll wear boots any time of year, if I can. To me, that's what makes me feel sexy. I've just started getting into flat boots."

Her "other loves": : "I love hoodies. They help really piece together any outfit. If it doesn't have a hood, I most likely would not touch it. I think it must have started with a comfort thing. When I was younger, I was somewhat of an outcast. I would feel unnoticed. So, I wore a big bulky hoodie. As I became more comfortable with myself, it became part of my style. ... I love belts. They can really pull an outfit together. If you have a dress on and you throw a belt on, you can have a totally different look."

Her fashion "don'ts":: "My biggest don't is with cleavage. ... I hate a colored bra behind a white shirt."

Her fashion "must": : "I cannot go anywhere without earrings. I feel naked without them."

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