It's not fair to the fans


Should The Orioles Have Sent Matt Wieters To The Minors?

March 27, 2009|By BILL ORDINE

Who cares about six years from now?

Orioles fans should be watching catcher Matt Wieters when the New York Yankees come to town April 6.

There's no question he's already one of the club's best everyday players, and there's no question the O's are a better team with him.

The only question is whether the Orioles and their fans are better served by taking him off the major league roster to keep the clock from ticking on his eligibility for arbitration and free agency. Clearly, that is the front office's line of thinking.

Obviously, the Orioles are planning for 2010 and beyond, but there are still 162 games to play in 2009 and 26 of them are within the division by the end of May. Already working on a decade-plus legacy of losing, the Orioles can't afford (nor should their fans be subjected to) the prospect of being out of the race by Memorial Day.

I agree there is a fair amount of logic in going the prudent route here, but another baseball season is upon us, and with it, there is supposed to be at least a glimmer of hope. So if the reasoning behind a decision on Wieters is tied to the fact that the Orioles are simply headed for another fifth-place finish, I have a question for another discussion:

Why should the Orioles even leave Fort Lauderdale?

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