March 18, 2009

Judge does trust city police officers

Contrary to the suggestion in a recent article that I do not trust Baltimore police officers, as a native of Baltimore and a resident of the city, I have absolute trust in the dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep residents of and visitors to Baltimore safe and secure ("Judicial endorsement," March 12).

When my wife was mugged and assaulted last summer in Midtown, the quick and effective response of the officers who came to her aid was typical of the performance our community receives day in and day out. She and I were grateful for their service.

Like most state and federal judges, I have on occasion, in a particular case, found that one or more officers failed to act in accordance with applicable legal standards and with the high standards set by the conscientious leadership of the city Police Department. When those instances have arisen, I have not hesitated to point them out in deciding issues of fact and law. Surely, no one would expect a judge to do anything else.

But what is most needed now is a rededication on the part of all members of the community to partner with our police to assist them in the performance of their often thankless, and always dangerous, job of protecting us all.

Andre M. Davis, Baltimore

The writer is a U.S. District Court judge.

Calendar isn't what ails many schools

The writer of the letter "Summer hiatus limits learning" (March 16) suggests that "U.S. students fare so poorly" because of summer vacation.

Schools throughout the U.S. follow a similar school year, but their students don't all fare poorly. So it must not be the school year that is the problem.

David Plaut, Reisterstown

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