March 17, 2009

Overdue attention for UM women

I was delighted to read The Baltimore Sun's praise for the Maryland Terrapins women's basketball team ("Terps take two," editorial, March 10).

Marissa Coleman, Kristi Toliver and the rest of the team are amazing athletes who exhibit a high level of skill and finesse. But not enough people are aware of that fact, and the media have been a big part of the problem.

The Baltimore Sun itself frequently relegates a victory by the women's team to Page 7 while featuring a men's loss on the sports section cover.

Female athletes not only need the public to pay attention and support their efforts, but they also need the media to spread the word that women's sports are entertaining and worthwhile.

Carol P. Saucier, Cockeysville

The editorial "Terps take two" gave long-overdue attention to the University of Maryland women's basketball team. But The Baltimore Sun would do well to follow its own advice and pay more attention to this excellent team.

It should cover the women's team as it does the men's team - with a Sun reporter at the game, articles on the day of the game as well as after the game, and placement of articles on the front of the Sports section.

Kathleen A. Ellis, Baltimore

Freeman proves unfit for the post

Charles W. Freeman Jr.'s bitter denunciation of his opponents and refusal to take responsibility for his failure to become head of the National Intelligence Council indicates what a mistake it would have been for him to have that job ("So much for changing one-sided Mideast policy," Commentary, March 13).

Those who brought Mr. Freeman's foibles to light did the country a favor.

Jerry Levin, Baltimore

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