Consuming 'eggplant water' may lower blood pressure


March 16, 2009|By Joe and Teresa Graedon

I have been drinking "eggplant water" I made from floating half a dozen thinly sliced pieces of eggplant on top of two or three quarts of water. I have been drinking 60 ounces daily for about two weeks.

My weight dropped 7 pounds, and my blood pressure is down from 150/80 to 124/66. This might be helping my insulin resistance, which made it hard for me to lose weight.

When cells don't respond efficiently to insulin, blood-sugar control is more difficult. Losing weight is also more challenging, but people who shed pounds often lower their blood pressure.

You are not the first reader to mention eggplant water for hypertension, but the previous recipe called for just 1 ounce daily, not 60. Compounds in eggplant may work like certain blood pressure medicines (ACE inhibitors such as lisinopril) and may also help with insulin resistance (Bioresource Technology, May 2008).

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