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His first state wrestling title in hand, sophomore is suiting up for lacrosse

March 15, 2009|By Rich Scherr | Rich Scherr,Special to The Baltimore Sun

A little over a week ago, Old Mill's Ron Vaughters claimed his first state wrestling title, defeating Urbana's Peter Tatanish at Cole Field House.

It was a match the sophomore won't soon forget, but also one he hasn't had much time to savor.

In a matter of hours, Vaughters traded in his singlet for a pair of cleats and a stick, and is now in his second season with the school's junior varsity lacrosse team.

It's on the mat, however, where he is most likely to leave his mark.

Known as a scrappy, physical wrestler, the 135-pound Vaughters racked up a 42-3 record this season, leading the Patriots to county, regional and state dual-meet and tournament titles.

Now he has another goal in mind, which at this point seems utterly attainable - to become the winningest wrestler in Anne Arundel County history.

How does it feel to earn your first state title?

It feels good. Tt feels real good. I was excited.

You had wrestled Peter Tatanish earlier in the season at the Mount Mat Madness tournament, and lost by a disqualification when he couldn't continue because of an injury. How frustrating was that for you?

It was very frustrating at that time. I didn't want to wrestle anymore that day because I wasn't in it anymore. ... I lost two more matches that day because my mind-set wasn't right.

Did you feel that you would have had him beaten if it wasn't for the referee's decision that day?

Well, he was still winning by one, so I would've had to take him down one more time. But I would have felt better losing that way than getting DQ'd.

Did you change your strategy at all when you met him again at the state meet?

Yes, no single legs, because he's so long. That was pretty much the only thing. I wanted to get more physical.

Has wrestling always been your No. 1 sport?

Yes, but I also play lacrosse and soccer. I played varsity soccer and JV lacrosse. I started practicing [lacrosse Sunday], and we have a game [Tuesday].

So if my math is correct, that's three days from state wrestling tournament to the start of lacrosse season. That's a pretty quick turnaround. How difficult is that to do?

I like playing sports. I can't be around the house doing nothing all day - that would be pretty boring. Lacrosse is a fun sport. If I had just won states and I was moving on to another wrestling team, I would have taken a break, because wrestling is a hard sport. But lacrosse practices aren't that hard. We don't really do that much running, so it wasn't really that tough.

Do you still feel kind of bruised and beaten up?

Yeah, I'm real sore still.

So you're only a sophomore, yet you've already won an individual state championship and led your team to a state title. With so much already accomplished, will it be difficult to find motivation next wrestling season?

Oh, no. I have a few goals. I want to be the first three-time state champ from Old Mill, and I want to beat the Anne Arundel County record for most wins. I just want to do good, because everybody wants to be the best at what they do. It's no different for me with wrestling.

Do you know what that record for wins is?

I think it's like 132 or something. I have 72 right now.

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