Moyer capital budget rises to $230 million

March 15, 2009|By Kellie Woodhouse | Kellie Woodhouse,

Mayor Ellen O. Moyer's budget proposal for Annapolis' Capital Improvement Program estimates that more than $230 million will be spent in the next six years on city developments.

The proposal, introduced Monday at the city council meeting, includes increases of more than $10 million since last year. It has a renewed emphasis on building and road construction.

This year, Eastport Fire Station will receive more than $6 million for improvements, and City Hall will obtain $1 million for restoration.

The capital program pays for land acquisition, construction, facility and road repairs, and sewage maintenance in the capital city. It includes expenditures for assets that are integral to the city's infrastructure, such as Truxtun Park, which is scheduled to receive more than $20 million in the current budget.

"The bulk of the dollars is being used to fill contractual obligations that I think at this time are totally inappropriate," said Alderman Julie Stankivic, a Republican representing Ward 6, who called the budget proposal "excessive" and stated that its costs burdened taxpayers unnecessarily.

In her State of the City address, given at Monday's council meeting, Moyer stressed the importance of the capital program.

"New times demand new improvements. Our historic City Hall needs major mending. Energy demands and innovations require new vision. Space needs to meet public demands for services is not yet resolved."

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