March 10, 2009

Steele still owes students apology

The Baltimore Teachers Union believes Republic National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele needs to apologize to students at Frederick Douglass High School for his comments about the school performing below standards ("Douglass wants Steele apology," March 5).

Mr. Steele took the time to apologize to Rush Limbaugh on his radio show but has yet to apologize to the students at Douglass High.

Mr. Steele represented these students as lieutenant governor and vowed to help the school. But he has yet to do anything for Douglass High.

The teacher's union is disappointed by Mr. Steele's comments and by the lack of enthusiasm he has shown about improving the conditions at Douglass and other city schools.

Marietta English, Baltimore

The writer is president of the Baltimore Teachers Union.

Fans of Limbaugh not ready to rule

Columnist Jean Marbella is right on target in pointing out Michael S. Steele and other GOP leaders' spinelessness when it comes to criticizing radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh ("A slightly sickening GOP spectacle," March 5).

The fact that so many Republicans support Mr. Limbaugh when he says, for example, that he wants President Barack Obama to fail furthers the argument that Republicans are in no way competent to run the government.

Of course Mr. Limbaugh will continue to use his bullying attacks to entertain his dittoheads and others.

However, the news media and most thinking Americans need to ignore Mr. Limbaugh's three-ring circus and instead support the president in his efforts to undo the harm created by the previous administration.

Bill Klemer, Timonium

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