Eat This Instead Broccoli Cheddar Vs. Tomato

March 09, 2009|By KATE SHATZKIN

The soup options at Panera Bread can be tricky - some are low in fat but can pack more than half a day's worth of sodium or more in the 12-ounce size. The best choice overall the day we visited seemed to be the creamy tomato (if we left off the included croutons). Compared with the broccoli cheddar, the tomato version saved us 80 calories, 3 grams saturated fat and 100 milligrams sodium.

Nutritional data from

Kate Shatzkin

Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Per serving (12 ounces)

370 calories

8 grams protein

22 grams fat

14 grams saturated fat

33 grams carbohydrate

3 grams fiber

70 milligrams cholesterol

1,140 milligrams sodium

Panera Bread Creamy Tomato Soup

Per serving (12 ounces,

without croutons)

290 calories

4 grams protein

20 grams fat

11 grams saturated fat

28 grams carbohydrate

3 grams fiber

55 milligrams cholesterol

1,040 milligrams sodium

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