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March 08, 2009|By Josh Noel | Josh Noel,Chicago Tribune

Name: : Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Protector

What it is: : A laptop carrying case made by Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based Travelon that allows air travelers to get their computers through security without taking the machines out of their carrying cases.

How it works: : The case can be adjusted to fit your computer snugly. Once you have a good fit, wedge it in - add nothing else or security officers will make you take it out - and slip the computer in another carrying case, like a briefcase or a backpack. At the security checkpoint, the case must be removed and placed in its own plastic tub, but the computer can stay in the bag.

The good: : It worked. I was skeptical I'd get through security without being told to remove the computer, but I did - at both airports. There is thick padding on the bottom of the bag, which protects the computer well. The bag is truly adjustable and fit both of the different sizes of laptops I tried getting in there.

The bad: : There is no padding on the mesh side of the case, which allows security to see the computer. Also, putting the case in another bag seems redundant. I suppose you could carry it on its own, but then one half of your computer has no padding. Also, that would account for one of your two carry-on items.

Cost: : $24.99.

Available from: : Several stores. A list can be found at

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