Riding Out The Recession

March 04, 2009

Given the state of the economy, everyone wants to get the most value for their money. We want to help.

Each week on Consuming Interests, The Baltimore Sun's consumer blog, we're going to highlight a specific type of special or discount, such as cents off your gas purchase, early-bird dinner specials or double-coupon days at your local store.

You let us know about your favorite deals, and we'll compile a list you can use the next time you're looking for those goods or services. The information will be available on our Web site, at www.baltimoresun.com/consuminginterests, where you can post your ideas.

This week, we want to know where children eat for free. Where have you found no- or low-cost meals for kids? Include as many details as you can, including whether additional purchases are required.

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