It's Happening

5 Things To Look For Today

March 03, 2009


Win and in?:

The RPI pundits say Maryland needs to beat Wake Forest (9 p.m., Comcast SportsNet-Plus) to get an NCAA bid. Unless they say it's already too late.


Real rivals:

When Alabama and Auburn get together (9 p.m., ESPN), you can throw RPI - 78 for the Tigers, 112 for the Tide - out the window.


Hoops galore:

With yesterday's postponements, today the boys and girls are playing in high school regional quarterfinal basketball games.


Oh, that's why:

In case you're wondering: The Terps are on Comcast SportsNet-Plus while the Capitals face the Hurricanes on Comcast Sports-Net at 7 p.m.


Worth a shot:

Send Bart Scott a copy of your BGE bill and ask him to pay it as a little token of your devotion to him as a Ravens fan.

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