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March 01, 2009|By Chicago Tribune

Name: : SwiMP3

What it is: : A waterproof MP3 player that doesn't need earphones. The SwiMP3 rests on your cheeks while you swim, using bone-conduction technology to transmit music vibrations to your ear, so you hear music in fine detail.

How it works: : Your goggles hold the SwiMP3 in place, as it plays about 60 tunes. While earphones vibrate air to turn digital files into sound, the SwiMP3 vibrates the fluid in your inner ear to transmit sound.

The good: : Music on the SwiMP3 sounds deeper and richer than when listening through waterproof earphones to a regular MP3 player that's in a waterproof case. The one-piece device isn't as bulky, either.

The bad: : You have to wear goggles. There's no other way to hold the SwiMP3 securely.

Cost: : $150

Available from: :

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