Widow is still looking for justice

March 01, 2009|By LAURA VOZZELLA

A nna Sowers has a date at Pazo tonight and another tomorrow morning at the Mitchell Courthouse.

If fate had been kinder to the young widow, she'd be dining out with her husband and dreading jury duty.

Instead, Sowers is holding a fundraiser from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Pazo to benefit a Hopkins brain trauma research fund named for Zach Sowers, who died last year, 10 months after robbers beat the Patterson Park newlywed into a coma.

And Sowers is hoping - against all odds, she knows - she gets picked for a jury.

"I get the opportunity to serve the justice system that failed my husband and me - if I'm chosen," she wrote in the announcement for the "Give Back for Zach" event. "So, while I'm celebrating Zach's life on Sunday, March 1, I will also be calling the courthouse to confirm my attendance and receive jury-related details."

In a phone interview, Sowers told me this is the first time she's ever been summoned for jury duty.

"I can't believe it's the day after the event," she said. "While I'm in the middle of this fundraiser, I have to call that [jury] hot line."

Sowers said she thought it was "very unlikely" that she would be picked because she was so closely affected by a violent crime. She has also been outspoken about the sentences his attackers received. One guy got 40 years, but three co-defendants each got eight.

"But I would love to sit on a jury," she said. "I feel like if I was selected, I feel I could rightly deliver the justice that we never got."

The conductor's quaff

If Marin Alsop doesn't have a baton in hand, it's a good bet she's holding a Diet Coke with Lime.

I reported recently that the designer who did Alsop's new Mount Vernon condo had stocked the maestra's fridge with essentials, including low-fat mayo and Diet Coke with Lime.

Turns out as Alsop essentials go, the mayo is a distant second fiddle to the fruity fizzy water.

"When she comes off stage, our stage manager has one waiting for her," said her assistant, Jeff Luther.

And when Alsop comes back on stage for a post-concert Q&A with the audience, she usually does so with a 20-ounce bottle of the soda in hand.

"I make sure there's a bunch in her [dressing room] refrigerator when she's here," said Luther, who keeps cases of it in his office just for Alsop.

Just how much of the stuff does she drink? Luther, loyal assistant that he is, wasn't saying.

But Alsop's Diet Coke habit is enough of an inside joke that when Luther was profiled recently in Applause, a BSO in-house publication, he posed with his laptop perched atop soda bottles.

Diet Coke with Lime is not, however, what keeps Luther going.

"I don't touch the stuff," he said. "I'm a regular Coke guy."

Filling in for Phelps

An Olympic hero photographed with a bong loses a speaking gig this week to a fake president with a habit of getting arrested at U.S. military installations.

A Canadian promoter that stood by Michael Phelps when his bong picture first surfaced abruptly dropped him last week from two speaking engagements, The Toronto Globe and Mail reported.

Speaking in Phelps' place in Calgary on Tuesday: West Wing star Martin Sheen, a dedicated pacifist or Commie pinko (depending on your point of view) who's been known to engage in some serious civil disobedience. But I guess that's OK; President Josiah Bartlet, you may recall, smoked only cigarettes.

Connect the dots

A New York magazine article titled "The GOP's New Colors" considers whether Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal bring new ideas to the party. Author John Heilemann concludes they do not, dismissing the new GOP faces as "an old Benetton ad." ... Cammie Kane took her water taxi staff out to the Landmark to see He's Just Not That Into You. Her water taxis had a cameo in the movie. "It's a little embarrassing to have a real scene in a real movie and have it be such a silly movie," Kane told me. "Silly or not, we were modestly giddy and, after all, good press for Ed Kane's Water Taxis is good press for our fair city. What's not to like?" ... To my look-alike who was in the Maryland House of Delegates office building Friday morning: A legislative staffer would like to say (anonymously) that he's sorry for nearly running you down as he searched for a restroom. The staffer later begged my pardon via e-mail, but I assured him I was in Baltimore all day. "Even though it wasn't you," he responded, "please accept my sincere apologies."

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