Letters To The Editor


March 01, 2009

Speed cameras are about money

Politicians claim that speed cameras are only about safety, but citizens know they are really all about money. Lots of money!

Montgomery County reportedly pulled in more than $2 million last year, and county leaders can't spend it fast enough. That ain't chicken feed, and it has caught the attention of counties all over Maryland who are now racing the state to submit legislation to get their share of that pot-o-gold.

Leading that race is Howard County. Sen. James N. Robey, in his never-ending quest for revenue, proposed speed cameras for the county, with all revenue going to the Police Department. But then Del. Warren Miller proposed an amendment that would give all speed-camera profits to charity.

Miller apparently sought to set up a win-win situation - the county would get the cameras it wanted, paid for with ticket revenue, and the profits would benefit Howard County charities.

Then came the Howard County delegation's final vote, with Republicans wanting to give the profits to charity and Democrats voting to keep the bill unchanged. So much for the safety ruse.

They proved once and for all that speed cameras are definitely all about the money. Charity be damned.

Ken Aldrich, Ellicott City

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