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March 01, 2009|By Publishers Weekly,


Apologize, Apologize! : A Novel : by Elizabeth Kelly (Grand Central/Twelve, $23.99) Collie is the dull link in his flamboyant family, which includes his adulterous, alcoholic father, a cruelly pugnacious mother, a pigeon-racing uncle and a prep-school failure brother. Collie lives in quiet, stable success until a one-two punch of family tragedy leaves him reeling.


Handle With Care : by Jodi Picoult (Atria/Washington Square Press, $27.95) A couple confront the question of what constitutes a valuable life as they care for their disabled daughter.

Corsair : by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul (Putnam, $27.95) Juan Cabrillo, the rakish, one-legged captain of the Oregon, investigates the disappearance of the U.S. secretary of state after her plane crashes while bringing her to a summit meeting in Libya.

Fight for Your Money: How to Stop Getting Ripped Off and Save a Fortune : by David Bach (Broadway, $26) Bach shows how you are being taken on your cell phone contract, cable bill, car purchase, credit card, life insurance, health care, 401(k) plan, airfare, hotel bills and much more, and gives you the tools you need to fight back.

Paths of Glory : by Jeffrey Archer (St. Martin's, $27.95) This novel is based on the true story of George Mallory, the man who said he wanted to climb Mount Everest "because it's there." On his third attempt in 1924, he was last seen 600 feet from the top. His body was found in 1999, and it still remains a mystery whether he ever reached the summit.

The Kindly Ones : by Jonathan Littell (HarperCollins, $29.99) Littell presents a chilling fictional memoir of Dr. Maximilien Aue, a former Nazi officer who has reinvented himself, many years after the war, as a middle-class family man and factory owner in France.

Lucy's Legacy: The Quest for Human Origins : by Dr. Donald Johanson and Kate Wong (Harmony, $25) Focusing on dramatic new fossil finds and breakthrough advances in DNA research, Johanson provides the latest answers that post-Lucy paleoanthropologists are finding to questions about how humans evolved.

The Believers : by Zoe Heller (HarperCollins, $25.99) In this satire of 1960s idealism meeting the 21st century, a couple try to pass their left-leaning beliefs onto their children without much success.

Angels of Destruction: A Novel : by Keith Donohue (Shaye Areheart Books, $24) A girl shows up at the home of a widow who lost her daughter years before. Together they hatch a plan to pass the girl off as her new-found granddaughter.

Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption : by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton with Erin Torneo (St. Martin's, $25.95) Thompson-Cannino was raped at knife-point and identified Cotton as her attacker. Only after he had spent more than a decade behind bars was his innocence proved. Here they tell this story of redemption and forgiveness.

Honolulu: by Alan Brennert (St. Martin's, $24.95) Jin, a young "picture bride," leaves her native Korea and journeys to Hawaii in 1914 in search of a better life.

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