Favorite Foods For Presidents

Elizabeth Large's Top 10

January 28, 2009|By ELIZABETH LARGE

When I heard that Barack Obama's favorite food is pizza from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria in Hyde Park, Chicago, I got to wondering about what our past 10 presidents liked to eat best.

Most of the following foods are debatable, but that doesn't make the information any less interesting. I tried to get at least two sources for each one:


George W. Bush: Mexican food


William J. Clinton: Chicken enchiladas (allergic to chocolate!)


George H. W. Bush: Pork rinds


Ronald Reagan: Macaroni and cheese


Jimmy Carter: Sirloin steak


Gerald Ford: Pot roast and red cabbage


Richard Nixon: Cottage cheese and ketchup


Lyndon Johnson: He liked Fresca so much he had a fountain dispensing the soda pop installed in the Oval Office.


John F. Kennedy: Tomato soup with sour cream


Dwight Eisenhower : Vegetable soup and steak

readers talk back

Maybe I'm cynical, but I don't think that anybody who ends up as president cites a favorite anything off the top of his head...I think most answers to pop culture/personal questions are at least a little calculated. But whether they are or not, I think this list is a pretty interesting comment on how American food habits have changed over the past 20 years - sometime around the early 90s, Mexican food became as American as apple pie. Seems right in line with all of those statistics about salsa overtaking ketchup as the country's #1 condiment.

Posted by: kitpollard

George H.W. Bush was better known for hating broccoli than any food he particularly liked

Posted by: Will A

Obviously George H.W. never had my roasted broccoli!

Posted by: Dahlink

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