Ravens Report Card

Ravens Gameday

January 19, 2009



Joe Flacco played well to get the Ravens this far, but last night was not one of his better games. He stared down receivers and was intercepted three times. In the first half, he looked and played like a rookie.



This group got no push on the Steelers, and the Ravens had trouble running the ball. Pittsburgh was a lot faster than the Ravens, and the middle of the defensive line had problems trying to contain the pressure.



Whenever the Ravens play good teams, the lack of a top receiver to complement Derrick Mason is there for everyone to see. Mark Clayton wasn't a factor, and neither was tight end Todd Heap.



Willis McGahee ran hard, but there weren't any holes. The Steelers dominated inside and forced the Ravens to the perimeter. It was apparent that Le'Ron McClain's ankle hasn't healed. The Ravens should have gotten Ray Rice into the game more.



Haloti Ngata and Justin Bannan dominated play inside, and end Trevor Pryce kept constant pressure on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Reserve tackle Marques Douglasplayed well.



This group played with a lot of passion. Inside linebacker Ray Lewis helped shut down the running game, and outside linebacker Terrell Suggs had two sacks despite basically playing with one arm.



The Ravens played well with what they had. For the most part, reserve cornerbacks Fabian Washington and Frank Walker held their own. They got beat mostly when Roethlisberger scrambled. Pittsburgh completed a lot of passes over the middle.



Jim Leonhard made a big play on the punt return, but the Ravens didn't get a lot of yardage on kickoff returns. Sam Koch punted very well, but the Ravens committed costly penalties on special teams.

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