Competition brewing: Which beer is better?

iron city beer vs. natty boh

January 18, 2009|By ROB KASPER

As emotions run high and common sense runs low, we compare cans of Iron City and National Bohemian, two blue-collar beers that are the sudsy symbols of Pittsburgh and Baltimore, respectively.

Price: : Natty Boh is 55 cents a can versus 63 cents for a can of Iron City. At this level of quality, 8 cents is huge.

Taste: : Natty Boh is a pale yellow brew with thin body and the faint flavor of yeasty water. Iron City is a dull yellow liquid with thin body and a stale beer aftertaste.

Aesthetics: : Natty Boh gets points for its handsome mustachioed Mr. Boh logo. Because the canned beer is now brewed in Eden, N.C., it loses points for leaving town, just like the Colts. The steely-looking Iron City can is made from aluminum and when emptied is crushed on the forehead, but it is also abandoning its hometown. This week, Iron City announced that starting in March it is moving its canning operation out of Pittsburgh.

The victor: : Natty Boh, by default: not much flavor, but no nasty aftertaste. Iron City is the more terrible brew.

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