5 Things To Look For Today

January 01, 2009


Bowl, Part 1:

Enjoy a bloomin' onion while you watch Iowa play South Carolina in the Outback Bowl (11 a.m., ESPN).


Bowl, Part 2:

Watch Georgia take on Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl (1 p.m., chs. 2, 7) as you ponder this question at the end of the holiday season: "What's in your wallet?"


Bowl, Part 3:

Clemson faces Nebraska in the Gator Bowl (1 p.m., chs. 13, 9). What more is there to say?


Bowl, Part 4:

In the Rose Bowl (5 p.m., chs. 2, 7), you can watch a couple of teams you actually might be familiar with: Penn State and USC.


Bowl, Part 5:

Orange you glad there's yet another bowl game? It's Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl (8:30 p.m., chs. 45, 5).

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