Elizabeth Large's Top 10 Restaurants Reviewed This Year

December 31, 2008|By ELIZABETH LARGE

To make up this list of the best restaurants I reviewed this year, I went to the Sun's archives and started reading my old reviews. What I found was that the stars awarded weren't always an indication of whether I would love to go back. Sometimes it's not something you can put in words (or stars) that pleases you about a restaurant and makes you want to return.


Abacrombie near the Meyerhoff: Food: *** 1/2 , service: ***, atmosphere: ***


Woodberry Kitchen in Hampden/Woodberry: Food: ***, service: ***, atmosphere: *** 1/2


Fin Steak & Seafood in Fells Point: Food: *** 1/2 , service: ** 1/2 , atmosphere: ** 1/2


Corks in Federal Hill: Food: ***, service: ***, atmosphere: ***


Mari Luna Latin Grille in Pikesville: Food: ***, service: **, atmosphere: *** (I think the comparatively low service rating was a fluke because it was so overwhelmed by its success at the beginning.)


Clementine in Hamilton: Food: ***, service: ***, atmosphere: ***


Catonsville Gourmet in Catonsville: Food: ***, service: ***, atmosphere: ***


Stone Mill Bakery in Lutherville: Food: ***, service: ***, atmosphere: ***


Baltimore Pho near the Hollins Market: ***, service: ***, atmosphere: ***


Hamilton Tavern in Hamilton: Food: *** 1/2 , service: ** 1/2 , atmosphere: * 1/2 (for noise)

readers talk back

First I like your reviews so good job. I would give woodberry #1, it def rises above your normal establishment.

Just wanted to also throw in my 2 cents. Birches is the best place to eat in baltimore that isn't a chain. And ROYS is the best chain.

Posted by: StevenP

...We visited Baltimore Pho for the first time over the weekend - it was mahvelous. Huge portions, great pho, very attentive waitstaff.

Posted by: sean

Clementine for me was....eh? Charming but a little over the top with their dish descriptions. There is no need to explain a dish in a paragraph; if it's good a simple one-liner should suffice. I really wanted their mac n cheese to be like at Sobo but was not even close! the cheese lightly coated the top but never made its way to the lonely macaroni below :(

Posted by: Rebs

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