5 Things To Look For Today

December 28, 2008


Can't stand Pats:

Though it's usually easy enough to root against the Patriots, this time it's imperative. Let them lose to the Bills (1 p.m., chs. 13, 9), and you can spend the Ravens game reveling in the playoff berth.


We got the punk:

Given this week's little trash talk, has the Broncos-Chargers showdown (8:15 p.m., chs. 11, 4) become an episode of Punk'd?


By any other name:

They can call it the Independence Bowl if they want (Northern Illinois-Louisiana Tech, 8:15 p.m., ESPN), but it will always be the WeedEater Bowl to us.


Fly away:

Did you get some cash for Christmas? There's still time to book a flight - under $500! - to Boise, Idaho, to cheer on the Terps in the Humanitarian Bowl on Tuesday.


No double dipping:

Beat the crowds and go out shopping early for the guacamole you'll need for your Ravens playoff viewing party next weekend.

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