5 Things To Look For Today

December 26, 2008


Can't forget:

the Motor City:

As in the Motor City Bowl between Central Michigan and Florida Atlantic (7:30 p.m., ESPN). Not that there are too many bowl games.


The old 1-2:

The NBA's top two draft picks - the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose and the Miami Heat's Michael Beasley (left) - meet in an ESPN game at 5 p.m.


An easier way?:

The Washington Capitals host the Buffalo Sabres (7 p.m., Comcast SportsNet), and maybe this time the Caps won't spot the other team four goals before deciding to come back.


Have a ball:

If the weather cooperates, get out there with the kids and kick around the soccer ball or shoot the basketball you got them for Christmas.


Not so happy return:

You know that Mark Teixeira Orioles jersey we advised you to buy a little while ago? Better return it today.

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