5 Things To Look For Today

December 25, 2008


NBA, Part 1:

Some Christmas Magic. Playing against some Christmas Hornets (noon, ESPN).


NBA, Part 2:

In the Spurs-Suns game (2:30 p.m.,

chs. 2, 7), Steve Nash might sit out to rest for Boxing Day tomorrow (being that he's Canadian).


NBA, Part 3:

This is the marquee matchup, Celtics-Lakers (5 p.m., chs. 2, 7), so why did the NBA schedule it during dinner time?


NBA, Part 4 :

Just in case you didn't eat yet, here's the Christmas turkey: Wizards at Cavaliers (8 p.m., TNT).


NBA, Part 5:

The day ends with Mavericks-Trail Blazers (10:30 p.m., TNT), and Greg Oden should play unless he gets a paper cut opening his presents.

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