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Poets star says football, basketball are in his blood

December 25, 2008|By Patrick Gutierrez | Patrick Gutierrez,

Dunbar's Sean Farr is a happy young man these days.

The senior caught the touchdown pass that set up teammate Tavon Austin's two-point conversion to give the Poets their third consecutive Class 1A state football championship this month.

Without skipping a beat, Farr then joined Dunbar's basketball team as it tries to return to the title game after losing in last year's final.

Since transferring from Lake Clifton two years ago, the East Baltimore native has had plenty of success on the field, and he hopes to parlay his achievements into a college scholarship.

When did you get involved in sports?

I started playing football when I was 5 years old. I started playing basketball when I was 12.

Who introduced you to the game?

Everybody in my family played football, from my father to my uncles to everybody. My mother played basketball. Sports have always been in my family.

What does it mean to represent Dunbar?

There's a lot of tradition here. In basketball you see Sam Cassell, in football you see Tommy Polley. We want to try to live up to the heights that they set when they were down here.

What is it like to win a state championship?

It was the greatest thing in my life, almost. When I transferred here from Lake Clifton, I knew we were going to make big things happen.

What is your relationship with your teammates like?

I knew Tavon when I played basketball for Team Melo. When I got here, it was good because we were really used to each other. Some of the guys I knew from Pop Warner football. Everybody accepted me as I am. All my teammates go out and have fun.

Who is your best friend on the team?

My best friend on the [basketball] team is James Johnson. He's a funny guy and I like any person that's funny.

Do you have any friendly rivalries out there?

I have one with Correl Washington. He's a defensive back from Edmondson. He was my quarterback in Pop Warner. That's a good rivalry because he [guards] me during the game now that he's a DB. I get the better of him, though.

Which athletes do you admire?

In football, it's Randy Moss because I like the way he goes up to catch the ball. In basketball, it's LeBron James because he's such a dominant player.

What has your basketball coach, Cyrus Jones, meant to you?

He makes you into a man, really.

What do you like to do when you're not playing sports?

I go out with my girlfriend or go to the movies.

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