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December 24, 2008|By MICHAEL DRESSER

When the occasion calls for Champagne, but the budget counsels frugality, Domaine Ste. Michelle shines with some of the top-quality, Champagne-style sparkling wine on the market. The blanc de noirs (so named because it is made from red grapes) has just the slightest pinkish blush and delivers powerful flavors of hibiscus, strawberry, cherry and yeast. It's a pronouncedly dry wine, almost austere, but very lively and refreshing. At one-third the cost of a typical Champagne, it's a great libation for bringing in the new year.

Domaine Ste. Michelle Blanc de Noirs

From : Columbia Valley, Wash.

Price: $12

Serve with: Caviar, ham, satay

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