'Road closed' ignored


Some Baltimore motorists are taking their chances by taking a northbound turn onto southbound Aisquith Street

December 21, 2008|By Liz F. Kay | Liz F. Kay,liz.kay@baltsun.com

THE PROBLEM: The northbound lanes of Aisquith Street are closed, so motorists drive the wrong way up a one-way street.

THE BACKSTORY: Victoria Grace lost her shortcut in the spring.

She used to turn right from Baltimore Street onto northbound Aisquith Street to reach Fayette Street on her way to Interstate 83 each weekday morning.

But one day the northbound lanes were closed - blocked by jersey barriers and a "road closed" sign at Baltimore and about halfway between Baltimore and Fayette. And there were no clues why the street was blocked.

Some drivers simply drove north at the first available opportunity - Aisquith's one-way southbound lane.

"That happens frequently," Grace said. "I come down Fayette and I am forever seeing cars" driving north on Aisquith.

The only way they could reach that point, she said, would be by driving the wrong way.

And by doing that, they're risking a ticket, said transportation spokeswoman Adrienne Barnes.

The city's Department of Housing and Community Development requested the closing of that portion of Aisquith Street to protect pedestrians and motorists from bricks falling from a building, Barnes said.

"Sometimes we get requests from other agencies to close streets to protect pedestrians," she said.

WHO CAN FIX THIS: To find out why a road is closed in your community, check the list of traffic advisories on the city Department of Transportation's Web site ( www.ci.baltimore.md.us/government/transp ortation/advisories.php) or call 311.


A storm drain at Lafayette Avenue and Myrtle Street that was clogged with crime scene tape and other trash has been cleared, along with three others at that intersection, reports Department of Public Works spokesman Kurt Kocher.

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