5 things I have to have

Matt Doud

December 21, 2008|By Liz Atwood

In 1994, Matt Doud launched Planit marketing communications firm with his longtime friend Ed Callahan in a room in a basement. Today, the agency's clients include Chevy Chase Bank, Walters Art Museum, Under Armour and the City of Baltimore. Doud lives in Roland Park with his wife, Sylvia, and sons, Henry and Charlie.


A great pair (or two) of sunglasses:

Before getting Lasik, I was very limited in my choices for sunglasses, since they had to be prescription. But now that I have limitless options, I can't seem to find a pair I really like. I guess the grass really is always greener...


A new set of irons:

I need to improve my golf game. And with no time to play, I have no time to practice or improve. It must be time for a new set of irons. After all, it can't be my lack of skill, right?


An old truck to restore:

While I love what I do, it requires a great deal of time sitting at a desk or in an office environment. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and learning something new. I've restored much of my old house and even some furniture, so the next project that will allow me to really get my hands dirty is restoring an old vehicle - like a Scout or Land Rover. It'll be challenging, and will also give me time to spend with my two sons.


A new fountain pen:

My dad always wrote with a fountain pen, and it made him seem special and unique to me as a kid. Writing is a lost art. Using a fountain pen forces me to slow down and enjoy the process.


Wine education:

The wine industry is constantly changing and evolving, and I want to learn as much as I can. Being married to a "foodie" has shown me the joys of food, and wine is a natural extension of that. I'd love to spend some time with an expert in the industry who can teach me about wine and give me the tools I need to continually learn and keep up with the evolution. Plus, who wouldn't enjoy a little education on the pleasures of eating and drinking?

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