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December 15, 2008

Poehler returns to make her 'SNL' exit official

Amy Poehler is officially exiting Saturday Night Live this time.

Less than two months after giving birth to son Archie, she made a surprise return Dec. 6 to the late-night comedy show where she has been a regular for eight seasons.

Then, Saturday, she surprised viewers again by telling them goodbye.

"This is my last show," Poehler announced from her "Weekend Update" anchor desk. "Being able to do over 140 shows with my friends and my family has been a dream come true."

"I love you," she told the audience, "and I will miss all of you very much."

Viewers won't have to miss her too long. Later this season, Poehler is expected back on NBC in her own weekly sitcom.

Her husband (and Archie's dad) is comedian-actor Will Arnett.

PI's victims lash out

Victims of former Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano say they have never been able to free themselves from the emotional and financial fallout caused by crimes he committed while wiretapping the rich and famous, according to letters submitted to the federal judge who is scheduled to sentence him today.

The former private investigator has been in custody since he was convicted of 78 counts, including wiretapping, racketeering and wire fraud, in two separate trials this year.

Federal prosecutors have recommended in court documents that Pellicano, 64, serve nearly 16 years in prison for running a criminal enterprise and for becoming a "high-priced thief who fraudulently obtained prominence through the harm that he wantonly inflicted on others."

Former Los Angeles Times reporter Anita Busch says she no longer is a journalist and has nightmares about being hunted because of the harassment she faced from Pellicano. Busch found a dead fish with a rose in its mouth on her car, along with a sign reading "stop," in June 2002 after she wrote a series of unflattering articles about one-time superagent Michael Ovitz, a Pellicano client.

Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, former wife of billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, said her privacy has been destroyed. Prosecutors said Pellicano and Kirk Kerkorian's attorney, Terry Christensen, bugged her phone conversations to disprove her claims that the MGM mogul was the father of her young daughter. DNA tests later showed movie producer Steve Bing was the biological father.

Linda Doucett wrote that she has been unable to work as an actress and support herself and her son since taking part in a lawsuit filed by her former boyfriend, comedian Garry Shandling, against his former talent manager, Brad Grey, now the head of the Paramount studio. Pellicano worked for Grey on the suit.


Actor Tim Conway, 75.

Singer Cindy Birdsong, 69.

Actor Don Johnson, 59.

Movie director Julie Taymor, 56.

Actor Adam Brody, 29.

Actor George O. Gore II, 27.

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