The Picks

Steelers At Ravens

December 12, 2008

Jamison Hensley

Ravens, 17-12

The Ravens' defense will prove it is better than the Steelers'.

David Steele

Ravens, 16-13

They were almost good enough to win in Pittsburgh in Week 4; now they can finish the job.

Edward Lee

Steelers, 16-14

In what could be a battle between quarterbacks, Ben Roethlisberger has the edge in experience.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens, 20-16

In the biggest test of the season for the Ravens, the defense will make sure they get a passing grade.

Ken Murray

Ravens, 13-10

All the big plays will be on defense, and Ed Reed plays that game well.

Mike Preston

Ravens, 14-10

Pittsburgh has played two tough, physical teams in a row, and the Steelers are due for a letdown.

Rick Maese

Steelers, 20-16

Sure, Joe Flacco's better than he was in Week 4, but Steelers are much healthier.

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