Color me appalled


Should The Ravens' Coaches Wear Lavender Jackets?

December 09, 2008|By CANDUS THOMSON

At first, I blamed my deeply discounted flat-screen TV. Then, I cursed my geriatric eyes.

But no, independent analysis Sunday night confirmed that Ravens coach John Harbaugh and his staff were decked out in lavender jackets.

Not deep, royal Ravens purple, a perfect complement to the rich, menacing Ravens black - colors that say "football" in these parts.

Nope, lavender. As in "lavender blue, dilly dilly," a stupid lyric they made us learn in grade school that never made sense until I saw the Ravens' brain trust looking like a fan club for Tinky Winky Teletubby.

Dilly, dilly, indeed. I'm pretty sure that's not what Ray Lewis said when he first caught a glimpse of the lavender gang.

This has nothing to do with stereotypes. The Miami Dolphins' turquoise and orange looks fine in a South Beach, Don Johnson way.

But can you imagine Oakland capo dei capi Al Davis stepping out in a lavender leather coat? Or Chuck Noll or Bill Cowher, patron saints of Steelers football, snuggling up in pale purple warm-up jackets? Even Jim Zorn, he of the "maroon and black" faux pas at his introduction as the Redskins' head man, would draw the line at lavender.

Thank goodness when he reached for that Bud Light on national TV, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti wasn't embracing the lavender look.

Dudes, for the good of the team, lose the jackets.

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