Let Phelps have fun, Beard says

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Go easy on Michael Phelps. That's the message from fellow Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.

Baltimore's Hombre de Oro has become prime gossip fodder for his reported relationship with Las Vegas cocktail waitress Caroline Pal. Beard said everyone should just chill and let Phelps have his fun.

"A swimmer's life is extremely boring," Beard said recently, according to E! Online. "We swim and we're in the pool all day long. I know he trains his butt off, so I know it feels good for him to let loose and drink and to have ladies underneath his arms. It's good for him."

Now, it could also be that Beard feels a kinship with Phelps' supposed gal Pal. Beard has been photographed lots of times in the same various stages of undress as Pal has been seen on the Web.

Serving coffee, too?

Starting to hear a buzz about the Seattle Mariners as a contender next season?

Mr. Flip believes we will soon as news of a recent Seattle zoning decision gets out among baseball's free agents.

The city has decided to let a strip club open about 400 feet from the entrance to Safeco Field. The city has an ordinance prohibiting such establishments within 800 feet of community centers or parks, but the stadium doesn't qualify, a city planner ruled.

If the owners of the club are smart, they could figure some way to work out a "seventh-inning stretch" involving a pole dance.

His wedding bell is rung

When Tom Brady returns to play quarterback for the New England Patriots next season, he'll be a changed man - and it has nothing to do with his injury.

Brady and supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen will be married next year, In Touch magazine reported.

"There will be no engagement, just a small wedding in mid-March," an unnamed source told the magazine. The ceremony reportedly will take place in Costa Rica, where Bundchen, who is Brazilian, has a vacation home.

Remember, as Robert Wuhl said in Bull Durham, candlesticks always make a nice gift.

Eyes to the sky

Even before Saturday's results and last night's final Bowl Championship Series standings, not everyone was sympathetic with Texas' plight in being left out of the BCS title game.

On Thursday, a plane was seen flying over the Austin campus trailing a banner addressed to Longhorns coach Mack Brown, reading, "Hey Mack quit whining U knew the rules."

And rules of punctuation don't apply to airplane banners.

Viewing pleasure

Those who attended the screenings of the NFL's first 3-D telecast Thursday were encouraged to send text messages about their reactions to what they were seeing.

According to an Associated Press article, one of the first responses received by the production company was "more cheerleaders."

Compiled from Sun news service and Web reports by Mr. Flip, whose face looks much better when she wears 3-D glasses, according to Mrs. Flip.

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