5 things I have to have

Shirley Bigley LaMotte

December 07, 2008|By LIZ ATWOOD

Shirley Bigley LaMotte is the chief executive officer of Baltimore Reads, which in January will celebrate its 20th anniversary of providing adult literacy services to Baltimore families. In addition to providing literacy classes, Baltimore Reads runs a free-to-all book bank at The Baltimore Sun, at 501 N. Calvert St. Shirley and her husband, businessman and former state delegate Lawrence A. LaMotte, are longtime residents of Guilford.


A good, hot breakfast like my mom always makes:

"You really don't want me at that 8 a.m. meeting without it!"


An unlimited travel budget and the time to use it:

"The yen to explore is always at my core."


A fabulous dance partner and a venue to cut loose with friends:

"My husband, Larry, sweeps me off my feet, and our living room regularly rocks. Please remove your shoes if you visit - the cha-cha is tough on hardwoods."


Laughter, laughter, laughter:

"From the driest wit to the goofy guffaw, the capacity to laugh, especially at one's self, transforms any moment."


$250K in unrestricted funds for Baltimore Reads:

"Not-for-profits and those they serve are especially vulnerable in economic downturns."

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